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You Need Medical Marketing Strategies that Work!

Marketing your practice is not impossible. Don’t give up! 

Making a plan and observing these key steps will help establish your practice’s brand and get you the patients you want to see.

Build a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Healthcare Practice

You already know that marketing your practice is essential for bringing in patients and getting more value for your time. 

It is even more important for small to medium-sized medical practices. You need to keep up with competitors who may have better brand awareness, receive more referrals from primary-care physicians, or have been established longer. 

Here’s what you need to start with:

Revive Your Website

Patients are online searching for medical providers. If they can’t find your website, they’ll choose someone else. You can’t afford this! 

In order to for your website to rank well, you must adhere to current SEO best practices. You need to consider your content, your practice information listed on other sites, and your site’s ability to be viewed on mobile devices.

● Content that is informative and compelling will inform your patients of the care they need and why they should come to you to receive it. Also, it should be unique to you—no prewritten “canned” content!

● It may seem odd, but you need to ensure that all listings and directory websites show your business contact information correctly. This will ensure that patients searching for you find the correct information anywhere they look. Improvements in these areas will ensure Google and other search engines rank your website higher in search results and help more patients find it.

● These days, the majority of web surfing happens on smartphones—not on computers. That means your website needs to look and run great on mobile devices. If it doesn’t, a huge percentage of potential new patients will look elsewhere instead!

Define Your Perfect Patient

No doubt there are certain types of patients or conditions you enjoy treating more than others. And of course, some patients bring in more revenue than others in the same amount of time. For marketing purposes, these are the patients you want to target. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean you turn away others! But the more often you see your “perfect patients,” the better your ROI and the happier you’ll be—without increasing your overall workload.

Knowing who your ideal patients are allows you to determine who to market to.

Take Advantage of Online Advertising

Online ads using Google and Facebook can put your practice at the top of search results. More than ever, it’s becoming pay-to-play.

Your perfect patients are the ones you will target when setting these ads up. When done correctly, ads will be displayed when someone within your targeted area and demographics searches for keywords set to trigger the ad. Ideally this will lead them to click the ad and visit your website. And because the content on your site is informative, the searcher now decides to contact your office!

Communicate Effectively with Patients

Building relationships with your patients doesn’t have to be difficult! Email marketing and sending text messages is a great way to stay in touch with your patients and keep your practice in their minds. Just make sure those messages are valuable to your patients—people don’t want to be bothered with junk mail.

Interacting on social media is another popular (and FREE!) way to reach your patients. Your posts are a great way to show off your practice’s personality. People want to see who you are and what they can expect when they come in for a visit. Your office staff may want to help with this as well since they interact with the patients sometimes more than you do!

We’re the Marketing Agency for You!

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We’re here to offer a full range of marketing services—from web development to branding to content marketing, social, video, SEO, PPC ads, email, reputation management, and more. Not every other firm out there is able to say that.

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