Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You know what’s frustrating?

Spending lots of money on advertising that doesn’t work for you!

Casting a wide net on an audience and not bringing in any conversions is exasperating. Fortunately, there’s a better way.


People Can’t Be Wrong

Full disclosure – that figure isn’t actually people.

Well, in theory it could be, but only if each and every Google search performed in a single day was done by a unique individual.

So what does 5,760,000,000 represent?

Instead of individual people, that number constitutes the quantity of Google searches performed every day.

If you break the number down with some old-school mathematics, you will find it works out to 240 million searches every hour, 4 million every minute, and roughly 67,000 every second.

Those are certainly impressive numbers.

Even more impressive is what they mean for you and your business … when you use Google Ads.

You will find that Google Ads is a powerful marketing tool—one you absolutely need to be using.


Because this ensures your business is found when people search Google for the products or services you offer.

(Another full disclosure: we are not owned by Google, Inc.)

Google Ads Management Done Right

We’re here to handle all aspects of your online advertising efforts. Here’s how we do it:

We use experience to know when and where the most effective opportunities are found.

Users are bombarded with ads all day, every day, but why do users still click on ads despite the over-exposure? It comes down to their experience.

Your ad needs to deliver the correct message at the proper moment.

We will define the touchpoints of when a customer may interact with you during their journey. We’re here to help you interact with them throughout the process.

We then apply the game plan.

Nothing about our pay-per-click strategies is “cookie cutter.” Our process begins by understanding your goals and bottom line, and from there we work backward through the process.

PPC advertising goes well beyond search engines. That’s why we routinely review the potential benefits your PPC accounts could have within social channels, too.

We develop insights into your target audience.

It doesn’t matter how small your audience is or how unique your niche — we have you covered.

A buyer’s journey can be a winding and complicated path, but it’s one that we plan for. We start by outlining your audience’s search habits to gain proper insight into how customers interact with companies like yours.

We’ll take measures to determine the exact information your prospects need in every step of their journey.

We also use our experience to create advanced strategies to make your ads effective.

When we craft strategies for a more advanced ad program, we break out the big guns. A full-blown strategy can involve writing compelling ad copy, audience discovery, dynamic ad development, A/B testing, and even graphic design.

We are always testing ads, researching their performance, and optimizing bids and strategies to ensure you’re seeing optimal ROI.

We analyze the results when they come in — and then use them to make any necessary revisions.

We actually expect our team to fail sometimes—but fail in a smart manner.

After all, if campaigns and strategies never misfire, it means we’re not pushing the needle hard enough to find what truly yields the most effective results over time.

The elements we uncover by analyzing your progress allows us to establish the next plan of attack.

Get the Most out of Your Google Ads Today!

Too many times we have seen pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns with substantial budgets flounder due to poor setup and maintenance.

To counter this, we build your PPC accounts from the ground up, targeted properly to reach your ideal customers.

Rest assured, your investment in pay-per-click is safe with us.

We take the accountability seriously — so much that we ensure all team members touching your PPC accounts are fully accredited and certified (Google Ads Certified, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, etc.).

On top of that, we’re a Google Partner! This allows us to take full advantage of direct access to official Google Ads reps and beta programs.

How does this apply to you? It gives you a leg up on your competition right from the start.

Be where your customers are online – contact Marketing2nGage and have our experienced and certified team create a winning strategy for you today!



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