What is Branding?

Your brand represents the relationship you create to become recognizable & trustworthy. 

Great Stories Deserve Great Brands 

Every time a customer or potential customer sees your brand, it’s an opportunity for them to like you, identify with you and remember you. We approach brand design strategically and collaboratively across all of your digital marketing channels and needs. We want your brand to tell your story and ensure that your customers have the best first impression of your business.

Branding is more than a logo…

In our design process, we will work with your team to build a brand strategy that accomplishes the goals that you need it to.  Our process includes multiple steps.


When we start our process, we first listen to you. We want to completely understand your entire story so we can make sure your brand reflects the way you want to present yourself to the world. 

Design & Planning

Once we have your design in mind, we plan it out to work with all of your marketing needs. This includes so much more than just a logo. We look at all aspects of your marketing.

Strategic Collaboration

Our team will do the research necessary to make sure the design of your brand will help you stand out against competitors in your market. 


In this stage, we make sure that your brand will build awareness. This includes your website, ads, social media and so much more. We want your customers to see and recognize your brand everywhere they go. 

Branding isn’t just about style – it’s about performance!

What is the difference between digital branding and digital marketing? 

  • Digital branding focuses on fostering recognition and value by creating loyalty and trust with what people see in your online marketing. 
  • Digital marketing is about finding new leads and generating sales. 

True digital marketing embraces digital branding as part of a marketing strategy, including but not limited to paid advertising.

Understanding the basic way that branding impacts your digital marketing will help you create clout with the people with whom you want to do business. When done right, it creates influence. Here are a few areas your branding will touch in regard to your digital marketing.

Logo & Visual Clues
Obviously the first is your logo, color, color scheme, regularly used fonts, etc. These are the most common elements that people think about when talking about branding. While you want to have a memorable logo, you don’t want it to be trendy or flashy. You want to create a brand that will stand the test of time with little change needed for at least a few years. 

You need to know and understand the visual clues you establish when creating a logo and colors because the one place they will be front and center is on your website. This is the main digital gateway where people find you. 

Most businesses don’t think that SEO and branding intersect, but that is dead wrong. SEO is impacted by the functionality of your website design. So when you build a website, SEO has to be taken into consideration as well as the visual representation.

Branding and SEO are cousins when it comes to search engines paying attention to your online presence. If your digital branding doesn’t include the right visual clues, the right keywords, and the right images, it negatively impacts the SEO of your brand.  

Paid Advertising
Paid ads, PPC, and other forms of paid media advertising all take their clues from your image and message. Consistency needs to be maintained through all aspects of media used so your advertising can reap the most from your budget spent. Otherwise, you are just throwing money at the wall.

Done right, your branding can create a huge following. And who knows; you may go viral! Reach out to us if you have branding that needs to stand out. Our design specialists are happy to jump in and help grow your vision. 

Why Choose Us?

If we can fit your needs (and we’ll plainly tell you if we don’t think we can), we have the experience to back up our claims.

We know Internet marketing inside and out. We know what works, we’ve learned first-hand what doesn’t, and we work closely with our clients to promote their unique specialties and help them attract more of the ideal customers they want to see.

We’re here to offer a full range of marketing services—from web development to branding to content marketing, social, video, SEO, PPC ads, email, reputation management, and more. Not every other firm out there is able to say that.

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