Social Media That Delivers

Are we the right fit for your social media? That depends on what you’re looking for. Read on to learn how we create a comprehensive social media marketing strategy for our clients that drives results.

Social Media Management

There are a multitude of social media platforms out there, but not all of them may be equally suited to your brand. We’ll help you figure out where your target customers are spending time online, then set up your accounts, teach you how to use them, and manage your brand across each platform.

Social Media That Engages

Crafting social media that consistently entertains and engages your audience requires a deep understanding of each platform and how people interact with it. Whether it’s creating contests, quizzes, chats, live events, or video ads, it’s critical to understand what you need for each platform, service you want to promote, and customer you want to target. Only then will you get the kinds of engagement and interaction that grow your business.

Social Media Advertising

What drives the highest ROI when it comes to social media? An understanding of how to use each platform to engage the right audience. Every social media platform allows you to target your ideal audience in different ways. We’ll make sure your ads run on the right platforms and target the people most likely to be interested in your services and products.

Social Media & PR – Social Media Campaigns Count

It’s time to create a buzz around your business. Do you want to be a thought leader in your industry? Are you trying to boost your brand awareness? One or two random posts won’t cut it. We’ll build you a social media campaign that puts your business front and center in the digital spaces where your customers live, drives traffic to your site, and converts.

How do we do it?

Our eight-step approach to social media is an integral part of the overall marketing strategy we build for your business. Just a few key questions each social media campaign has to answer:

  • Do you have your goals set up for each social media platform?
  • Is your brand already established or are you just getting started?
  • Have you identified the target customers you’re trying to attract?
  • Does your social media help optimize your website?
  • How much activity does your social media need to drive to be effective?
  • Are you trying to build influence?
  • What are your revenue goals from social media?

These are just a few of the big questions, but there are many more that need to be answered. We’re happy to go over what you need from your social media with you—ask for a free consultation today!

Social Media FAQs

FAQs about Social Media and what makes it work 

How do I know if my social media is actually working and worth the money I am investing?

We don’t rely on guesswork here. We look at the hard data, track the results, and then review them with you each month. The numbers come straight from Google and the platforms themselves—not a proprietary system filled with smoke and mirrors. And we give you 24/7 access to the same data we have, so you get complete transparency.

Why is it so important to integrate social media with SEO?

Our social media and SEO teams work hand-in-hand to develop the best content to support your business goals. The content developed for your website has a purpose for your social media, too—and we make sure to utilize it as effectively as possible.

Can I still post to my own social media platforms myself?

PLEASE DO. We welcome our clients to participate fully in their social media strategy. Your customers want to see what you’re up to and how you’re doing, and who better than you to show them? If you are truly social in your social media, you’ll have a much easier time encouraging engagement (and developing brand loyalty) from your desired customers.

Why can’t I just hire a freelancer to do it?

There’s a big difference between using social media for fun and using it to grow a brand. Social media that you spend real money on is serious business. That means you need experts who understand social media marketing and are paying close attention to the latest updates, developments, and trends on each platform.

How do we prove the results?

This is one of our favorite questions! You get 24/7 access to your very own dashboard that shows your daily projects and posts, and you can look at the numbers any time you want. And if you find the data overwhelming, no worries! We are happy to spend as much time as you need to explain it to you, so that you can see and understand the value.

Why Choose Us?

If we can fit your needs (and we’ll plainly tell you if we don’t think we can), we have the experience to back up our claims.

We know Internet marketing inside and out. We know what works, we’ve learned first-hand what doesn’t, and we work closely with our clients to promote their unique specialties and help them attract more of the ideal customers they want to see.

We’re here to offer a full range of marketing services—from web development to branding to content marketing, social, video, SEO, PPC ads, email, reputation management, and more. Not every other firm out there is able to say that.

To request your no obligation marketing consultation, just complete the form on this page. Your next step will always be up to you.