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The days when the mobile version of your website could be considered a secondary thought are long gone. If your website is not mobile-friendly, your viability on Google’s search results will very likely pay the price.

Mobile devices are now the number one way people access websites. According to Google Analytics, more than 68% of global website visits came from mobile in 2020. Count only visits from within the US, and the number still remains at a high 61%.

And these figures only continue to trend upward.

Google continues to place greater and greater emphasis on websites that provide a great mobile experience to users—and rightfully so. When it comes to bolstering your online presence, improving your mobile website should be a priority.

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How Do You Make a Website Mobile-Friendly?

Having a mobile website is much more than just having a “baby version” of your desktop site.

The best mobile-friendly websites:

  • Prioritize fast and efficient loading
  • Respond to properly fit the size of the screen they are on
  • Provide easy-touch navigation access
  • Quickly and easily let users contact you
  • Are simply pleasant to look at

Great mobile website development requires great work in multiple specialties, including web design, branding, and content. Having the whole package will please Google’s algorithm and better guide visitors into becoming leads for your business or organization.

We Build Websites for Mobile – And Beyond

By this point, having a mobile website that isn’t responsive and doesn’t funnel potential leads to action will actively hurt your bottom line. Even worse is not having a mobile website at all.

The experts at Marketing 2nGage can review your current mobile website’s performance and recommend effective ways to improve essential elements of the user experience.

We also stay current with Google’s updates to help ensure our clients have what search engines are looking for as soon as the tech world understands it. And if you want to stay relevant to customers, we have plans for customized content updates, email marketing, PPC ads, and more as well.

The world is on the move while looking for your business. It’s time you meet them out there with a mobile website that hits it out of the park. Schedule a consultation with us by filling out the contact form above.

Why Choose Us?

If we can fit your needs (and we’ll plainly tell you if we don’t think we can), we have the experience to back up our claims.

We know Internet marketing inside and out. We know what works, we’ve learned first-hand what doesn’t, and we work closely with our clients to promote their unique specialties and help them attract more of the ideal customers they want to see.

We’re here to offer a full range of marketing services—from web development to branding to content marketing, social, video, SEO, PPC ads, email, reputation management, and more. Not every other firm out there is able to say that.

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