What Do Facebook Ads Look Like?

Aug 26, 2021

Facebook and many of the other companies and social media platforms owned by Facebook (we’re looking at you, Instagram) combine to form the largest social media company we see, and one of the few entities that can rival Google in total outreach capabilities. So it’s no joke when we say that Facebook ads are an opportunity you’ll want to look into.

Facebook Ads

We’re sure you’ve seen them. They show up in your timeline, off to the side, or even on the mobile app. 

The first we’ll discuss are the timeline, or News Feed, ads. These ads are designed to look as close to natural posts as possible to entice users to click on them, as if they were posts shared by other individuals. 

When designing these ads, make them look either as natural as possible or as attractive as possible to entice individuals to engage with you. Below is an example of what one common ad might look like.

Keep in mind, other ads might be a little harder to spot, but you can always identify an ad by the “Sponsored” tag right below the profile picture and name.

Another common place for Facebook ads is off to the side, lovingly dubbed the Facebook Right Column Ads. Most individuals will identify these as ads. In some cases, however, what you have to say might perform better here, so it’s worth looking at all possibilities. 

Additionally, if you are selling products, you could try posting to the Facebook Marketplace or even have your ads show up there. If you’ve never visited the Facebook Marketplace, here’s an example of what it looks like and how to get there: https://about.fb.com/news/2016/10/introducing-marketplace-buy-and-sell-with-your-local-community/ 

fb ad

Here’s what a paid ad would look like in the marketplace:

Additionally, you can show ads in the middle of messages, articles, the Facebook app, and more. So be sure to investigate all the different places you can reach out to your current audience.

Regardless of what you initially choose, Facebook will gradually optimize your ads so they show up where you are getting the best results. On top of this, if your findings show that certain areas of Facebook don’t perform as well, you can pick and choose where you want your ads to show, disabling places you DON’T want to appear.

fb ad

Instagram Ads

Facebook is more popular with individuals 25-35 years old, and this same age group uses Instagram. However, the 18-24 group is also on Instagram, making it the place to go if you really want to engage with the youngest audience.

Instagram ads will show up in many of the same places comparatively with Facebook – most ads will show up in the main feed.

Additionally, Instagram ads will show up in the “Instagram Explore” section, which is where individuals are searching for new things to follow!

One other place for ads is Instagram Stories – so not as many categories as Facebook, but still quite a few places to engage with a younger demographic.

Additional In-App Ads

Facebook, much like Google, has their own set of apps they partner with. Some of these sites or apps you’ll recognize, so make sure your ads are showing up in these areas. This stretches across a wide variety of apps; too many to name here.

These apps also use the same targeting metrics you set for Facebook, so make sure you’re utilizing the additional reach to target your audience.

Should I Use Facebook Ads?

The above information has discussed certain possibilities for ads. But if you remain uncertain of which direction to go or just want some expert advice, give our office a call at (833) 622-0907 or schedule a time for a consultation. We can help you determine whether Facebook ads will help you target the right audience.