3rd Party Store

You can also integrate your online store present on third party platforms like Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon, etc., with this feature.


About Us

Specify the core line of your business, provide mission, and vision statements, and highlight various awards and other recognition your organization has received. Other important details, like the date of incorporation and names of the founders, can also be displayed to users through the About Us page.


The Auction feature lets you organize auctions for goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder. You can also enable different payment methods in the Auction feature to accept the payment online.


With Audio feature, you can add radio streams along with a custom playlist. You can add SHOUTcast and Icecast radio stream URLs and integrate audio playlists from Soundcloud, Hearthis, etc.  This feature will also allow you to put any Media RSS Feed into your App.

Augmented Realty

Integrate Augmented Reality into your app by setting pre-defined actions and deliver interactive user experience by allowing customers to try your products in virtual reality.



With the Blog feature, you can directly add your own blog, or integrate blogs from third-party platforms, like WordPress, Blogger, Feedburner, Tumbler, etc.



Chat Feature allows your users to chat through popular third party chat messengers like Skype, Snapchat, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. which will open on your app, if installed on user’s device.

Cloud Drive

Allow app users to view your Google Drive and OneDrive documents, (like .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xlx, .xlxs, .ppt and .txt) within the app.


Make content king. Let your blog, website, app be seamlessly integrated with the CMS platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Modx, etc.

Coding page

If you don’t see something in this list that you want in your app – just ask and allow us to code.


A simple way for your customers to reach you. This one page can help give all details for customers to either call, email, visit the website, telemedicine link (using Skype for Business), or find your business on a map.


With Coupons, you can easily provide great deals to your app users with different options, including Buy and Get Free, Scratch and Win, and Discount Percentage. You can also customize and set different Validation on coupons

Coupon Directory

With the coupon directory feature, you can generate discount coupons of varying types such as Buy and Get Free, Scratch and Win, and Discount Percentage and manage them in categories. You can also customize and set different Validation on coupons.



DB feature allows you to connect your app with Firebase, further helping you to import or add records in your Firebase account on the fly. You can also permit your users to access records from database with DB.

Deep Link

With the Deeplink feature, you can add links and direct your users to a specific location within an app.


Add Dine-in feature to allow your customers to read the menu, book a table, call the waiter, place in-app orders, and make mobile payments through the app.


With the directory feature, you can create location-based store locators, hospital locators, and city guide applications.


With App-sheet page, you can easily integrate your Google sheets into your app, allowing users to manage records on the fly.


The donate feature is a quick way for people to donate to your nonprofit organization and church tithe and offerings.


E-Book and PDF Reader

Upload PDF and Epub files, or add URLs and let your users access your books on the go. You can also provide your users an option to share and print the eBook. To provide round-the-clock availability of reading material the eReader feature is a great option.


To add customized content to the app, use the Editor page. Change the text formatting and add images to make the editor page exactly the way you want.


Integrate the dictionary to your app and allow your app user to access it.


With E-Wallet feature in your app, your users can easily add money, make payments and purchase their required products on the fly. E-wallet feature also works as a payment method when added with other features such as Food Court, Store, etc.


With the Event feature, you can add and manage your own event through the Custom Event option. You can also import events from third-party platforms like Eventbrite, Eventful, Bandsintown, Facebook, and Google+.



Add the Facebook feature to your app to keep your fans updated on all your latest news. It’s an effective way to reach new users and build your mobile community.


Fitness feature allows you to add exercises and equipment used for different body parts with the right diet plan, allowing your users to achieve fitness goals wherever they are.

Flash Card

The Flash Card page allows you to create virtual flashcards bearing information, which is intended to speed up the learning process. Add text and images to your flashcard and make learning more engaging. You can create Flashcards for language learning, vocabulary building, and much more.


Create a collection of pages all at one place to make it easier for users to access them in one go.

Food Court

Food Court feature clubbed with delivery management system, allows you to add multiple restaurants, and gives white label access to the restaurant owner. The customer-end app will allow customers to place food orders and keep track of delivery in real-time, while the delivery app will allow delivery persons to accept and decline orders. With this feature, you can also accept payments online.

Form Builder

Allow users to schedule appointments and send inquires with pre-set form formats. You can also create your own form for your specific needs using the Custom Form or create a conditional form using the Nested Form.


With the forum feature, you can add questions and allow your users to provide quality answers, thereby empowering people to share and grow the world’s knowledge.


Google Class

Allow teachers and students to connect with one another online. With Google Class, you can share files, create assignments, grade assignments, and communicate with students in a paperless way.

Grocery Order Form

Allow your users to place orders ranging from groceries, fruits/vegetables, medicines to other essentials with the pre-set or customizable form format and accept payments online.


HIPAA Form feature allows you to create forms for specific needs while implementing a range of safeguards to ensure confidentiality and integrity of Protected Health Information (PHI).


The hyperlocal feature allows you and your users to create a profile for their professions like plumbing, grooming, welding, and others, with hourly charges, in order to get work as per their area of expertise. Your app users can either inquire or directly book an appointment with the service professionals



Use In-App purchases to sell your virtual goods such as videos, eBooks, photos, etc. Simply create a catalog for browsing Photos, Sound Files, Videos, or eBooks and enable Monthly or Yearly payment options for users to buy them.



Connect LinkedIn account with your app, promote your business while broadening your network.


Control access to the app with the login page by ensuring only registered users are able to use the app. The app can also be made a paid app by activating the In-App Purchase settings while creating the login page.

Loyalty Card

Engage your customers and reward them with Loyalty Cards. In addition to getting repeat business, it is a great way of building your brand through goodwill. This can be an ongoing loyalty card or a one-time loyalty card.  Great for the care to share program or for use with in -office purchases, Spa Treatments, and other cash-based purchases. A QR code can make this easy to use for the practice and the patient. Also – can be a limited number (First 50 people get the card so only 50 loyalty cards are generated).



Display the exact location of your business, or branches right on the app, making it easy for users to get directions.

Members Card

Give your customers a privileged status with membership cards. Add multiple member cards specific to a user or user group. This requires login and password measures.


Create an app with Messenger feature, and chat privately with your friends, relatives, and colleagues even on the go. Share interesting images and videos and make chatting fun. Note: If you have added the Messenger feature, then the Demand Delivery, Videoconference, AR, Taxi, FoodCourt, Dine-In, Store, and GoogleClass features will not be displayed on the creator software



With News feature, you can keep your users updated regarding the latest news on current trends and hot topics simply by creating your own news feed or by integrating news feeds from third-party platforms.


The notification feature allows users to keep track of the push notifications sent by the app owner.


On-Demand Delivery

On-demand delivery allows users to schedule pickup of the products and get it delivered to their desired destination. Moreover this feature lets the users track in real-time, the order pickup from one location and delivery at the appropriate destination.


Allow users to contact you directly at the tap of a button through phone, external link or email



Add informative content regarding your business with relative images or videos and promote your business by allowing users to share the information with their friends and family.


Integrate all your photos on Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, or your laptop with this photo sharing page. Reach out to customers with photos of customer events, road shows, conferences or promotion previews and any other event of significance.

Pocket Tools

With Pocket-Tools, you can integrate several utility tools such as Calculator, Scanner, Video recorder, etc. into your app, facilitating users to take advantage of them as per their needs.


QR Code

With QR Code, you can easily encrypt information, which users can easily decrypt by scanning it.

Quiz / Poll

With quiz feature, you can check the abilities of your users, and keep their interest alive by creating numerous quizzes on different topics, like sports, entertainment, etc. You can also create a poll to gather opinions, information, and feedback.


Add daily quotes with images and videos and share them with your users. You can share motivational, inspirational, or any other quotes to enliven your users’ day.



Add Real Estate page into your app, and allow users to list their properties for renting or selling. With the inquiry form or custom form integrated to the feature, you can also receive inquiries from the customers.


Add recipes with images and step by step instructions to let your app users create delicious dishes at home. You can also allow the app users to add their own recipes!


Promote your business and attract new customers by displaying user reviews from services like Yelp. Get customers to rate your services and leave comments.

Room Reservation

Let your customers book rooms, hostels, apartments, or vacation homes in just a few simple clicks, helping them find a perfect place to stay from anywhere across the globe.


RSS Feed allows your users to view and access multiple content streams in a timely fashion.



Book appointments or sessions on the move. Integrate your scheduling pages on Appointy, Booker, Genbook, Schedulicity, and other platforms directly into your app.

Share Social Share

Consolidate and share all your social foot prints like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest at one place in your app.

Share your App

With Share your App feature in the app, your app users can easily share the app with others using device’s native sharing options.

Social Networks

Let your app users to experience the benefits of networking by allowing them to post updates (including videos and audio), comment or like posts. You can also manage users based on their profiles.


Help users purchase products and services from your online shop, created with this feature. Increase sales by letting users conveniently browse your catalog and make purchases while on the go.


Conduct surveys with the help of Survey Monkey to get firsthand response to any new promotions or products being launched. Also use them to gauge customer satisfaction levels and get feedback on actual customer experiences.



Make your goodwill talk. Post positive experiences of your customers to the app to help promote it among existing and targeted users.

Time Sheet

With Time Sheet feature in your mobile app, you can easily keep track of working hours of your employees.

To-do List

With To-do List feature, you can easily organize and keep track of your tasks in one place. Manage your important tasks from anywhere, at any time, and enjoy more peace of mind.


Connect your Twitter profile to give your followers real-time tweets right through the app. It’s a great way to engage users on the go and make sure they’re the first to know about exciting promotions or updates



Video feature allows you to upload videos from your device, or through third-party platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Livestream, Vimeo, etc.

Video Conference

With the Video Conference feature, you can manage the audio and video conference meetings. You can also start an instant meeting and invite people to join without any prior scheduling with your personal meeting ID.



For opening external web pages right through the app use this page. For example, if you’re a rock band, you can include a link to your concert page or for an event app, you can include links to sponsors’ websites. – Re- write for how a doctor would use this. Must be on a site enable with full HTTPS security. This can also take patients to the EMR website that Hospitals or doctors use for patient portals.