Michigan Propane Gas Association




Michigan Propane Gas Association


Increase in pageviews (+87%)

Increase in time on site (+52%)

Increase in reactions, comments, and shares (+21%)

Increase in reach (+29%)

Increase in clicks (+43%)

Turning Up the Gas on Digital Reach

We look forward to providing continued services for the Michigan Propane Gas Association to keep new visitors coming to their website and increase connections and interactions on Facebook. As we do, we will continue to monitor site performance, report accurate numbers (without the spin!), and develop plans to improve both website and social media performance for the association.


Increase in Social Interaction


Increase in Reach


Increase in Clicks

We were especially excited when approached by the Michigan Propane Gas Association (MPGA) because they constituted a new kind of client for our agency.

Whereas we have an extensive stable of clients who are businesses in the traditional sense, the MPGA is an alliance of propane dealers from across the state of Michigan who are dedicated to a common mission:

“[To] promote the proper handling and use of propane, to work for favorable environment for propane distribution and marketing, and to increase its application by demonstrating propane’s value as a clean energy resource.”

What this means for marketing the MPGA is that our goal isn’t to promote a particular company, but rather the use of propane in general. And we consider ourselves fortunate to have the opportunity to market an entire statewide industry.

Before the association came to 2nGage, their previous website host was not honest in presenting site analytics. Essentially, the host would spin the numbers to appear as though they were better than they really were.

The MPGA needed an agency they could trust—2nGage.

Our agency provides a wide range of comprehensive marketing services, and tracking and reporting analytical performance is a particularly valuable one. In this case, we wanted to not only provide the association with accurate numbers, but also create a plan to improve them when they were less than desirable.

An example of improving site performance is the rewrites we did for their Propane Safety Tips page. Our revisions and edits to the page resulted in an 87% increase in pageviews, along with a 52% increase in average time spent on the page—both of which are key factors in boosting SEO.

In addition to focusing on website impressions (the number of people who visit a website), we also worked to improve the impressions on their Facebook account as well.

If you are familiar with best social media marketing practices, you know the value of promoting events (and especially when you have great photos to go with your posts). We were able to create some great content for the MPGA when we attended their National Propane Safety Awareness Day event on May 23, 2018.

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